Frequently asked questions

When you subscribe to Own the Day tea subscription you receive a new box of teas every 2 weeks. In this box there are 4 types of tea, expertly chosen to give you a different energy level for different times of the day. The box contains blends with different caffeine levels, suitable for the time of day. The tea is in a pyramid teabag to give it room to infuse and we give you 10 teabags of each variety (so 40 in total) in each box.

On the website we will showcase what blends are coming in the next delivery of boxes, you will always start with our first box though – the one we are most proud of, which contains 2 black teas, 1 green tea and 1 flavoured tea. Showing off what we believe to be the crème de la crème of the teas on offer out there.

Buying teas at the supermarket can be a confusing process. There are so many, what are the best ones, and do you really have to buy a whole pack just to give it a try? Normally we just buy what our mates have, or what we're used to. But there is such a beautiful world of tea out there, so let us show you the way!

When you get onto our website you will see that you can subscribe to our tea boxes for the length of time you want, this means that every 2 weeks within this time frame you will get a new box of teas. The payment will be taken every 2 weeks during your subscription, starting on the date you subscribe. You can start/stop subscription whenever.

When you get onto you should log into your account, on here will be a cancel button, as long as you don’t do this near your billing date, you will be able to cancel without any further cost incurred to yourself.

The subscription is on a rolling basis, so we will always send you new teas every 2 weeks, if you decide that you want to cancel you subscription you can do this at any time by logging in to your account on

Once you have signed up the product should be with you within roughly 3 days, if it has taken longer than a week this is not ok, please let us know and we will chase this for you. Careline to contact:

Here at we like to showcase the array of flavours the tea world has to offer, showing you how it can help you own the day, whatever your activity. For this reason we change our boxes with each delivery. We love that you enjoyed your box so much that you want it again but unfortunately we cannot deliver to you the same box as you just had.

We are really excited that you love the tea you've had, it is our ambition to be able to sell this tea directly to you on this website long term, but for the short term please go to our partner websites online such as

We love that you are interested in our teas but unfortunately we don’t have this capability at the moment, when we do we will be sure to let you know!

Delivery is already part of the cost of your tea subscription - so don't worry!

The process normally takes about 3 days to pack and post, so we would hope its with you within 3 days-ish. Any longer than this shouldn’t happen, please let us know if it takes longer than a week as potentially the tea has got lost in the post.

The way our subscription process works is that we will send you teaboxes every 2 weeks, unfortunately you cannot skip a delivery due to this, If you are going on holiday and want a pause or if you want to cancel then please log in to your account on where you will be able to cancel your subscription. When you are back from your break way from us, you will need to re-new your subscription with us.

As soon as you sign up you will be billed automatically, the length of time this take is dependent on your bank but should be a couple of days. Buying online with us is secure as we Stripe Bank Gateway, a service which most online retailers use to ensure that the payment is secure.

We are always careful with how we manage allergens, as we know how important it is to you - our customers. In each box of teas you will receive a leaflet that mentions what allergens are in each tea and they're labelled on the back of the box – keeping it handy for you to refer back to.

You get four fabulous blends in each box that will vary between black, green, white teas and herbal infusions.

Yay! We're so excited you want to discuss our products with us, we love to hear what you think as we live, dream and sleep! Please send us a letter to Unilever house, 100 victoria embankment, london, EC4y 0DY, or if you want to email us, give me an email at

We are really sorry to hear you've had an issue with your tea. Please tell us your order number, the nature of your issue and we will ensure to get back to you. If you have anything you want to send us please send pictures or samples to or post us at Unilever House, 100 Victoria Embankment, London EC4Y0DY. Don’t worry, this one is on us and we will deliver you another box of tea as soon as we can!

We are really sorry this has happened. As we are only human, sometimes mistakes can happen, but this is never our intention. Please let us know what the issue is and don't worry, this one is on us. We will be sure to send you another box and hope you enjoy that one more!

Nope! We have specifically designed our tea packaging so it can fit in with your lifestyle! It is perfectly designed to fit through letterboxes, so you don’t have to be in when it is delivered.

All of our tea comes in pyramid teabags, giving the tea room to infuse – so you won’t need a tea infuser to subscribe to our boxes.

At the moment we can only deliver in the UK. As we grow we will be looking to move abroad, please tell us your feedback of where we should set up shop next though!

All of the teabag materials in your subscription box will vary, this is because we are showcasing a number of different brands in our boxes and each brand has their own version. Our tea experts have taste tested these variants and think they each perform well, despite the different teabag materials, we hope you do too.

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