Wake The F**k Up | English Breakfast | Loose Leaf

Wake The F**k Up | English Breakfast | Loose Leaf
Wake The F**k Up | English Breakfast | Loose Leaf
Product image 1Wake The F**k Up | English Breakfast | Loose Leaf
Product image 2Wake The F**k Up | English Breakfast | Loose Leaf

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What’s brewing?

*Testing Testing*: This is one tea we haven’t quite nailed yet. If we’re honest, we can’t decide between two blends, so we need your help. They’ve both got the same teas in, just at different ratios. Purchase a tin of this tea and we’ll fill it with 50:50 of both blends (packed separately, of course). Tell us which one you love and we’ll send you a 90g pack of your favourite on the house!

The staple to any morning routine. Whether it’s sinking a cup on your way out the door with kids in tow, or nursing yourself back to some kind of consciousness after a heavy night, our English Breakfast is sure to wake you the f**k up.


Tea Type Origin Listen With
Assam & Ceylon India & Sri Lanka  Smells Like Teen Spirit | Nirvana

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No one likes running out of tea, but often we wait until the next food shop or when we’re passing a store to pick some up. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

That’s why whenever you order from LoveTea, we’ll send your tea supplies on Royal Mail 24hr service. Order by 4pm to be sipping on your favourite brews the very next day. Oh, and delivery is included in the price too, we’re nice like that :)

Beta Deliveries

We’re currently in BETA, as our teas haven’t arrived yet :( Order today and we’ll let you know when they’ll be shipped. Add code BETABABY for 30% off at checkout


We like to think you’ll fancy the pants off our teas, but equally understand we’re not for everyone. Should this be the case, simply drop us a line via the contact page and we’ll refund you straight away, and you can keep the teas.

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